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Our People

Residential Colleges Leadership

Photo of Tiffiny Tung

Tiffiny Tung

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Photo of Melissa Gresalfi

Melissa Gresalfi

Dean of Residential Colleges and Residential Education

Photo of Christina Cunningham

Christina Cunningham

Senior Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives

Photo of Natalee Erb

Natalee Erb

Director of the First-Year Experience

Photo of Roshaunda Ross-Orta

Roshaunda Ross-Orta

Director of Upper-Division Engagement

Faculty Leadership

Faculty living on The Ingram Commons and in the upper-division residential colleges serve a vital role in carrying out the academic strategic plan of ѿý. Our faculty leaders represent three of the four undergraduate schools: A&S, Engineering, and Peabody, the Owen Graduate School of Management, the School of Medicine, and the School of Nursing. Among them are noted researchers, scholars, writers, and award-winning teachers. They are real people with diverse backgrounds, interests, experiences, and professional accomplishments. Beginning in August 2022, fifteen faculty members will reside in the residential college system, including ten faculty heads of house, five faculty heads of college, as well as the Dean of The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons.

Each of the fourteen faculty heads resides year-round in an apartment within their respective house or college. Some of the faculty heads are single, others live with their spouses, partners, and families, including young children, teenagers, family members, and pets. They continue to teach classes and do their research and administrative work. They are also present in the house or college as its faculty mentor, role model, and guide who shapes the living and learning community of the house or college. They oversee a programming budget and work closely with their house programming and advisory council or college council to create innovative, challenging, and fun programs that enrich the educational experience of the students in their community.

Faculty Heads of House

Photo of Eric J. Barth

Eric J. Barth

Faculty Head
Hank Ingram House

Photo of Celso Castilho

Celso Castilho

Faculty Head
Memorial House

Photo of Natasha McClure

Natasha McClure

Faculty Head
North House

Photo of Douglas McMahon

Douglas McMahon

Faculty Head
Crawford House

Photo of Elizabeth Meadows

Elizabeth Meadows

Faculty Head
East House

Photo of Rosevelt Noble

Rosevelt Noble

Faculty Head
Stambaugh House

Photo of Emily Pendergrass

Emily Pendergrass

Faculty Head
West House

Photo of Renã A.S. Robinson

Renã A.S. Robinson

Faculty Head
Murray House

Photo of Chezare Warren

Chezare Warren

Faculty Head
Sutherland House

Photo of Carol Ziegler

Carol Ziegler

Faculty Head
Gillette House

Faculty Heads of College

Photo of Audrey Bowden

Audrey Bowden

Faculty Head
Nicholas S. Zeppos College

Photo of Ravindra Duddu

Ravindra Duddu

Faculty Head
Rothschild College

Photo of Teresa Goddu

Teresa Goddu

Faculty Head
E. Bronson Ingram College

Photo of Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

Assistant Provost for Experiential Education and Undergraduate Affairs and Faculty Head
Warren College

Photo of Mumin Kurtulus

Mumin Kurtulus

Faculty Head
Moore College

Professional Staff

Professional staff in Residential Colleges support the academic mission of the university and the five pillars of the residential college system intellect, community, personal well-being, self-discovery, and cultural awareness through intentional programmatic and leadership development initiatives. Our programs are designed to both challenge and support students as they navigate their academic and co-curricular experience at Vanderbilt, and our goal is to connect students with valuable resources and learning opportunities that will help them achieve their academic and personal goals. Staff members plan, coordinate, and lead a number of programs and initiatives including but not limited to:

  • International Student Orientation
  • CommonVU Orientation
  • Extended Orientation & Vanderbilt Visions
  • House/College Student Governance
  • Residential Colleges Lecture Series
  • Community-wide Programs
  • The Commons Cup


Photo of Tommy Anglim

Tommy Anglim

Program Coordinator
E. Bronson Ingram College & Moore College

Photo of Jennifer Atwood

Jennifer Atwood

Operations Manager for Residential Colleges

Photo of Shonna Greer

Shonna Greer

Executive Assistant

Photo of Grace Hollis

Grace Hollis

Program Coordinator
Warren College & Crawford House

Photo of Katherine McCann

Katherine McCann

Program Coordinator
Hank Ingram House, Gillette House, Murray House, & Sutherland House

Photo of Chad Novak

Chad Novak

Program Coordinator
Memorial House, North House, Stambaugh House, & West House

Photo of Arriyon Parker

Arriyon Parker

Program Coordinator
Nicholas S. Zeppos College, Rothschild College, & East House

Photo of Emily Waddell

Emily Waddell

Assistant Director for Strategic Initiatives

Photo of Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace

Assistant Director for Student Development

Graduate Assistants

Photo of Marley Moore

Marley Moore

Graduate Assistant

Photo of Annie Schweitzer

Annie Schweitzer

Graduate Assistant