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How to Unloft and Loft Your Bed

How to Unloft and Loft Your Bed:

  • Residence Halls
    • Cole Hall
    • Tolman Hall
    • McGill Hall
    • McTyiere Hall
    • Village at Vanderbilt
    • Chaffin Place
    • Mayfield Place
    • Morgan House
    • Lewis House
    • Lupton House
    • Stapleton House
    • Scales House
    • Vaughn House

Former Area Maintenance Supervisor, Henry Murrey, guides 3 Vanderbilt students (just like you) through the process, showing you what – and what not – to do.

How to Unloft and Loft Your Bed:

  • Residence Halls
    • Warren College
    • Moore Colleges
    • Zeppos College
    • Rothschild College
    • E. Bronson Ingram College
    • Blakemore House
    • Crawford House
    • East House
    • Gillette House
    • Hank Ingram House
    • Memorial House
    • Murray House
    • North House
    • Stambaugh House
    • Sutherland House
    • West House

Bed Types:

Standard Twin Beds: Shown below side-by-side. Bed risers will give inches of addition al space under the bed. These beds are in Branscomb Quad (corridor rooms) and Mayfield.

Standard Twin Bed Photo

Bunkable Beds: Shown below in bunked position. These beds may also be used as standard twin beds. These beds are in Morgan (doubles) and Lewis (doubles).

Jr. Loft Beds: Shown below in highest position. These may be lowered. These beds are in Morgan (singles) and Lewis (singles).

Loftable Beds: Shown below in the full loft position. Either metal or wood, these may be lowered as desired. See lofting instructions above (video). These beds are in Blakemore, Branscomb Quad (end rooms only), Chaffin, Cole, E. Bronson Ingram College, Lewis,  McGill, McTyeire, Moore College, Morgan, Nicholas S. Zeppos College, Tolman, Rothschild College, Warren College, and The Martha Ingram Commons.