This Is Vanderbilt

1 Collectively striving to succeed

Student in an art class.
  • Immersive Learning

    Benefit from close-knit residential education and experiential learning in the classroom and beyond.

  • Integrated Research

    Working across institutions, Vanderbilt bridges disciplines to solve the great challenges of our time.

  • Collaborative Discovery

    Collaborative culture comes together with competitive spirit to fuel path-breaking discovery and innovation.

I liked that Vanderbilt was an academically strong school where students support one another in collectively striving to succeed, instead of competing to beat one another. When compared to other prestigious schools, Vanderbilt had warmth.

Sumanth Chennareddy, PhD Candidate, Peabody College Sumanth Chennareddy
PhD Candidate, Peabody College

2 Learning through contrasting points of view

Exploring a waterfall.
Student doing research.
  • Diverse Perspectives

    Our differences, and our respect for alternative views and voices, are our greatest source of strength.

  • Future Leaders

    We wed education and inspiration to challenge young, diverse minds to address society’s greatest challenges.

  • Active Engagement

    Home to more than 475 organizations that focus and expand the varied interests of our community.

Vanderbilt culture is combining academic rigor with a super involved, diverse, and enjoyable student experience.

Vineet Desai, BS 2020 Vineet Desai
BS 2020

3 Striking a unique and ideal balance

Students walking through campus.
Football players celebrating.
  • World-class city

    Nashville is a city on the rise, with cosmopolitan flair, small-town appeal and Vanderbilt at its heart.

  • Intimate Campus

    10 colleges spanning a 330 acre campus intentionally designed to keep students and faculty closely connected.

  • Exciting athletics

    Small school vibe meets with Southeastern Conference energy, from .

Vanderbilt is consistently ranked as one of the most academically challenging universities, as well as one of the universities with the happiest students. This really shows the balance between school and social life and the environment and culture here.

Anthony Reed, Associate Professor of English Anthony Reed
Associate Professor of English