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Residential Colleges

Vanderbilt aspires to offer students an intellectually rich, diverse and dynamic education. We must harness the outstanding research and teaching strengths of our faculty to create a dynamic living-learning environment that will instill critical human and intellectual qualities in all our graduates. The Residential Colleges program exposes our students to a wide variety of perspectives and experiences and educates the whole person while cultivating life-long learning. Learn more about this initiative by visiting the Residential Colleges website.

The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons represents the award-winning College Hall community for first-year students. Housed on the Peabody campus, all first-year students reside at The Ingram Commons alongside distinguished faculty members, staff, and graduate students. This cohesive community fosters an intentional and mutually beneficial educational network among students, faculty, and staff, creating a residential experience that rests on discovery, creative inquiry, and engaged citizenship.

Residential Colleges

Building upon the success of The Ingram Commons, residential colleges connect upperclass students, residential faculty, graduate fellows, undergraduate resident advisers, and experienced staff throughout the university. With richly diverse and intellectually vibrant events and programming, residential colleges spark creativity, build community, extend educational opportunities beyond the classroom. The residential college system is currently comprised of Warren College, Moore College, and the soon-to-open Bronson College. 

Living Learning Communities

The Ingram Commons and residential colleges complement the well-established living-learning communities – The McGill Project, Mayfield Lodges, and McTyeire International House. These communities have provided opportunities for students with similar educational interests to live together in residence halls featuring structured learning environments for more than 40 years.