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Graduate / Professional Students

Graduate and Professional students areoffered merit-based aid (including, but not limited to scholarships, grants,graduate research stipends and teaching assistantships) from their academic department. Questions regardinghow to apply and offersawarded as well asdisbursement of merit-based aid should be directed to your academic department.

Loans andWork Study

To apply for federal student loans and work study financial assistance you will need to complete the.

  • Select ѿý school code 003535.
  • Complete the onlineapplication using yourFSA ID.
  • Please make sure to submit the correct application for the year of enrollment.
  • Summer semester falls at the end of the prior academic year. Be sure to complete the correct FAFSA.


Eligibility is based on the difference between the amount you are expected to pay, any additional financial aid resources and the total cost of attendance. Aid offers vary according to each student's eligibility. Once eligibility has been determined, students will receive anAid Offer NotificationLetter listing the type of aid offered.

Financial aid is awarded for one academic year only, so students must re-apply (complete a new FAFSA) each year. To continue receiving assistance, students must satisfactory academic progress toward their degree and maintain minimum grade point average standards.

View our if you have received your award notification letter and have beenoffered a student loan.